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What type of tutor is right for me?

Our range of tutors are from diverse background and experience offering academic, language and music private tuition. Depending on the current needs of a learner and the type of budget, you may select from Custom-fit tuition to let us know about your learning needs. There are options available from considering part-time tutors, full-time tutors who are more experienced and current school teacher and former school teachers who are / were builders of student's education. Be assured that we will verify the credentials of all registered tutors before presenting our recommendations to you.

I have already submitted a form requesting for a tutor. What is the next step?

Upon submission of Request For Tutor form, we will process your request immediately. Our representative will reach out to you with a phone call or text message to recap your online submission request. Recommendation of tutors will generally take between 1 to 3 days based on the type of tutors required, custom-fit tuition and budget. We will present our recommendations and after you have selected, we will confirm the assignment with the tutor accordingly.

Do I have to pay any tuition agency fee?

We do not charge learner any agency fee. A referral fee amounting to 50% of the first month tuition fee will be absorbed by the assigned tutor. There is no extra cost on parent/learner's side which translates that we will collect a one-time 50% (fifty percent) commission deriving from the tuition fee based on the first month. Instead of paying one month’s fee to the assigned tutor, you will make a payment amounting to a total amount of 50% from the first month fee to Tutor Finder Singapore directly.

What is the payment schedule with the assigned tutor?

Generally, we would encourage you to discuss the payment schedule on the first lesson with the assigned tutor. However, if there is no collective agreement on this, payment is to be paid to the assigned tutor at the end of each month.

Can I opt for short-term tuition?

Short-term tuition generally refers to assignment of up to 3 months. We have tutors who are able to provide both long-term and short-term home tuition. However, please note that tutors may not be able to commit should you wish to continue with lessons after the third month. Therefore, it is important to consider your schedule carefully. Please specify your option upon completing Request A Tutor form and we can begin to match a suitable tutor for you.

Is it compulsory to make an option for Custom-Fit Tuition?

We would highly encourage every learner to make at least one option as this is a value-added feature to understand the current learning needs, this will thus enable the tutor to adopt a suitable tuition approach.

What is your policy on data protection?

What is your policy on data protection? In compliance with the Personal Data Act 2012 (No. 26 of 2012) in Singapore, also referred to as the "PDPA", Tutor Finder Singapore holds a high regard in your personal data as it is important to us and it is our policy to safeguard the confidentiality of information and the privacy of users in our Site. In addition, we administer a HTTPS site which uses a secure socket layer (SSL) for security purposes and protocol to encrypt the data being sent back and forth with SSL encryption. We will only use, disclose and/or transfer your personal data for the purposes you have been notified of and consented to or which are permitted under applicable laws and regulations. We will not sell, rent or give away personal data to third parties for commercial purposes without your consent. For more information, please goto Privacy Policy.

Is there any penalty in change of tutor?

In the event that the assigned tutor did not meet your expectation, you may change to another tutor at no extra charge. However, if you would like to terminate the assigned tutor’s services during the first month, you must inform us at least 24 hours before the next lesson. You are required to pay for the lessons that have already been taught prior to termination.

Why is there a need for compensation fee for last minute cancellation?

We adhere to fair practice, we would discourage cancellation of assignment at the last minute as it is not a fair practice and will deter the assigned tutor from missing out on another opportunity and committing to other tuition assignments in view of your taking up your assignment initially. Therefore for any last minute cancellation of tuition assignment in less than 24 hours prior to the first lesson, learner is liable to pay a compensation fee amounting to 100% of the first lesson, unless a valid reason is provided.
Why Custom-fit Tuition?

What sets us apart from the rest? We've created Custom-Fit Tuition to understand learner's tuition needs right from the start. This means that tutors will be able to adapt their tutoring approach based on the type of support a learner requires. It's our way of bringing personalised tutoring to learners.

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  • Custom-fit Tuition

    We pride ourselves as the first and only online tuition agency in Singapore to introduce Custom-fit tuition, aimed at bringing quality home tutors to learners here. Custom-fit tuition applies to academic, music language and reading. If it matters to you, it matters to us.

  • Targeted, Focused, Selective

    Pursuing academic or enrichment goals is now more meaningful with our approach in being targeted, focused and selective.  Request For Tutor now!

  • Guide to Tuition Rates


    From S$25-S$70 / Hour Learn More


    From S$30-S$110 / Hour Learn More


    From S$45-S$120 / Hour Learn More 

    The above reflects a guideline to the current market rate. Actual rate will vary according to Custom-fit Tuition required, tutor's years of experience, qualifications and professional achievements. Tuition rates will be determined at time of tutor's appointment. 

  • Best practice in privacy protection

    In compliance with the Personal Data Act 2012 (No. 26 of 2012) in Singapore, also referred to as the "PDPA", Tutor Finder Singapore holds a high regard in your personal data as it is important to us and it is our policy to uphold the confidentiality of information and the privacy of users in our Site. Learn more.

  • Strict verification of tutor's profiles and qualification

    By making tutoring matching process more effective, we pledge to verify every tutor's profile and qualification to set the excellence standard.  Request For Tutor now!

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If it matters to you, it matters to us. Let's work toward your academic pursuits, language goals and music enrichment aspirations. Everything works better with Custom-fit tuition.


Our approach on being Selective translates that we respect the free market of tutoring services and tutors will charge according to their qualifications and experience and we are equally abiding in ensuring that tutors with a specific subject they do best will be backed by authenticity. 


How do we make the best outcome for both tutors and learners?  Simply, we go the extra mile with our Custom-fit Tuition that aims to identify the underlying issues and specific tuition needs so tutors are able to adapt their approach in home tuition. 


Every learner has an ownership to succeed with hard work, effort and consistency in the respective subject or subjects being tutored.


We aim to make every profiling as seamless as possible. We rely on our recommended tutors to give all their best by upholding steadfast, their tutoring passion and profession with kindness, respect and empathy.


"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure."

-- Colin Powell



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