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What sets us apart from the rest? We're the FIRST and ONLY ONLINE TUITION AGENCY to create Custom-fit Tuition to understand your learning needs right from the start. This means that tutors will be able to adapt their tutoring approach based on the type of support a learner requires.

Tutor Finder Singapore (TFS) is a registered company with ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority). It was developed in 2018 with an aim of providing tuition matching platform for private home tutors and learners.

We believe that effective tutoring involves understanding the needs of the learners and identifying key issues where tutors have a good understanding of the type of learning support a learner requires.

We boast ourselves as the FIRST AND ONLY online tuition agency to include Custom-fit Tuition feature as part of our findings for learners. This only means that tutors can now enhance their tutoring approach by understanding learner's profiles, thus aligning their teaching style and methods according to the student's specific tutoring needs. In guiding, mentoring, supporting and imparting their expertise and knowledge according to a learner's specific needs.

Knowing full well every individual’s tuition needs will make a big difference. Although tutors are independent contractors with their own tutoring methods, materials, and teaching style, with custom-fit learning, tutors will be able to align to each learner's tutoring needs right from the start. It is important to understand student’s academic profile and potentially boost student’s learning outcome and ability.

Tutor Finder Singapore commits to verify tutors' past track records of past learners' achievements, validate testimonials, certifications and academic qualifications for the specific subject and will be given a priority recommendation for tutors.

We are passionate about bringing the closest and best match between private home tutors and learners. It’s our pledge to provide an excellent online platform to find the most ideal tutors for students as we define a better way to make your search worthwhile.

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    In compliance with the Personal Data Act 2012 (No. 26 of 2012) in Singapore, also referred to as the "PDPA", Tutor Finder Singapore holds a high regard in your personal data as it is important to us and it is our policy to uphold the confidentiality of information and the privacy of users in our Site.  Learn more at Privacy Policy.

  • Guide to Tuition Rates


    From S$25-S$70 / Hour Learn More


    From S$30-S$110 / Hour Learn More


    From S$45-S$120 / Hour Learn More

    The above reflects a guideline to the current market rate. Actual rate will vary according to Custom-fit Tuition required, tutor's years of experience, qualifications and professional achievements. Tuition rates will be determined at time of tutor's appointment. 

  • Academic, Music & Language

    Whether it's academic pursuits or music and language learning, have your very own dedicated tutor at your doorstep, according to own time, own target.

  • Targeted, Focused, Selective

    Pursuing academic or enrichment goals is now more meaningful with our approach in being targeted, focused and selective.  Request For Tutor now!

  • Strict verification of tutor's profiles and qualification

    By making tutoring matching process more effective, we pledged to verify every tutor's profile and qualification to set the excellence standard.  Request For Tutor now!

  • Custom-fit Tuition

    We pride ourselves as the first and only online tuition agency in Singapore to introduce Custom-fit tuition, aimed at bringing quality home tutors to learners here. Custom-fit tuition applies to academic, musiclanguage and reading. If it matters to you, it matters to us.


Learning is a continuous journey.   


For all ages, from beginners to advanced level, find out the type of music enrichment support you need or the focus you require to take you to a high note in music quest for excellence. 


1-to-1 Home tuition.  Dedicated tutors that provides personalised home tuition and excellent support to learners.   Ranging from current school teachers from MOE and private schools and institutions, former and retired teachers, experienced full time tutors and part-time tutors.  


Whether it's communicating confidently and effectively that you are trying to achieve, or requiring a language or reading tutor who is able to draw connections, deliver language concepts and techniques to maximise your child's learning potential, speak to us about your concern.


If it matters to you, it matters to us.  Let's work toward your academic pursuits, language learning goals, music enrichment aspiration and cultivating a love for reading. Everything works better with Custom-fit Tuition. 


Our approach on being Selective translates that we respect the free market of tutoring services and tutors will charge according to their qualifications and experience and we are equally abiding in ensuring that tutors with a specific subject they do best will be backed by authenticity. 


How do we make the best outcome for both tutors and learners?  Simply, we go the extra mile with our Custom-fit Tuition feature that aims to identify the underlying issues and specific learning needs so tutors are able to adapt their approach in home tuition. 


Every learner has an ownership to succeed with hard work, effort and consistency in the respective subject or subjects being tutored.


We aim to make every profiling as seamless as possible. We rely on our recommended tutors to give all their best by upholding steadfast, their tutoring passion and profession with kindness, respect and empathy.


"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure."

-- Colin Powell



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